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Officer Candidate Profile

Madelyn Creason.JPG

Madison Creason

Greenwood High School

Grade: 11

Number of Years in HOSA: 2

A good leader should be ambitious, bold, and accountable. An ambitious leader will have the desire to accomplish difficult tasks, even if it requires a great deal of time or effort. Being bold will allow leaders to begin these ambitious tasks and take risks, even if they know the possible consequences. While these two factors are great on paper, accountability is necessary for things to get done. Accountability means a leader will carry out what he or she has previously said or promised to people.

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • 2023-24 Treasurer

  • HOSA Car Smash 2022- December 9th, 2022, Super Bowl Square fundraiser 2023- January-February 2023, HOSA blood drive- September 6th, 2023, Super Bowl Square fundraiser 2024- January-February 2024, HOSA Car Smash 2024- date TBD

  • 2023 SLC

  • Sports Medicine- 2023 and 2024

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • National Junior Honor Society 2021-2024, Principal's role 2021-2024, National Beta Club 2023-2024


    • Basketball homecoming junior maid- 2024, Community service project- Halloween Trail- 2023, volunteered for the Special Olympics track meet 2023 

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I want to be a HOSA State Officer to encourage students across Arkansas to pursue medicine. By spreading recognition of HOSA across the state, I hope to inspire students to become future healthcare professionals and help people across the globe. I have learned many things about specific healthcare fields, parts of the body, and much more general knowledge about medical professions. HOSA has helped me realize that a future in healthcare is suitable for me, and I hope to help other students come to this realization as well. Healthcare professionals are an essential part of our society, and it is crucial to inspire the next generation to take on these professions, no matter how challenging it may be to get there. Greenwood’s HOSA chapter has brought in medical professionals to speak about their journeys and daily tasks, and I believe this is beneficial information. If I can help begin new HOSA chapters across the state, more students can have this advantage. Knowing what your future looks like and the process it takes to get there can motivate a student to be their best now so they can achieve their goals later. As I grew up, I thought I wanted to go into many different careers: teacher, fashion designer, cosmetologist, etc. Since I joined HOSA, I have learned more about the wide range of careers that medicine has to offer. HOSA has also encouraged me to pursue a career in the medical field, more specifically, surgery. I have always been good at science and math, so it made sense that I was interested in medicine. It wasn’t until HOSA, though, that I had a support system of knowledgeable people who could help me learn about my options and encourage me to meet my goals.

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