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Officer Candidate Profile

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Jaylynn Crawford

Smackover High School

Grade: 10

Number of Years in HOSA: 1

Confidence, kindness, and passion are three top qualities I believe are key to leading others. Passion is a quality that a good leader should possess. When your passionate about something it shines in everything you do. It fuels your motivation, determination, and drive to succeed. Being a passionate leader has contagious energy and will allow you to ignite a fire within their team.


As a leader confidence is crucial, when people see your confidence in yourself they are more likely to follow your lead. Confidence allows you to make tough decisions, take risks, and face challenges head-on. It gives you the strength to stand up for what you believe in and lead with conviction. Kindness is an essential quality for leadership. Showing kindness and empathy towards others helps create a positive and supportive environment.  By showing empathy and understanding, you build strong relationships and foster a sense of belonging. Kind leaders listen to others, value their opinions, and treat everyone with respect. They uplift and encourage their team members, helping them grow and thrive. When you lead with passion, confidence, and kindness, people will naturally rely on you and look up to you as a leader.

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • Blood drives- August, November, and January; UAPS Donations- November.    HOSA Babysitting-October, November.

  • Home Health Aide-2024

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • Held elementary doors-2023   Alumni Tours-October 2023 

  • Community

    • Community wide competition- October 2023.    Rang Salvation Army Bells- December 2023

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I want to be a HOSA state officer to help learn, serve, lead, and innovate the program. My commitment to service forms the cornerstone of my leadership philosophy. I firmly believe that genuine leadership is rooted in selfless dedication to others. Serving the HOSA community is not merely a duty but a privilege, and I am eager to contribute my time, energy, and skills to enhance the experiences of fellow members.

Recognizing that service is a powerful catalyst for unity and growth, I aim to create an inclusive environment where every individual feels supported and valued. I recognize leadership as a dynamic force capable of steering the HOSA program towards greater heights. I see leadership not merely as a position but as a responsibility to guide, mentor, and amplify the voices of HOSA members. My intentions lie in driving innovation within the healthcare landscape. Innovation is the fuel needed for transformative change, and I am eager to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to the HOSA program. My goal is to instill a culture of innovation within the HOSA community, encouraging members to embrace a proactive mindset, explore new methods, and develop initiatives that redefine the boundaries of excellence in healthcare.

I am deeply committed to the continuous learning with being a HOSA state officer. I view this leadership position not only as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the HOSA program but also as a journey of personal and professional growth. I view this opportunity as a valuable learning experience and would embrace a culture of continuous learning. I am eager to engage with educational resources, collaborate with experts, and participate in training programs that will not only enhance my leadership skills but also empower me to guide HOSA members effectively.  

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