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Officer Candidate Profile

Joanna Bickers.heic

Joanna Bickers

Quitman High School

Grade: 10

Number of Years in HOSA: 2


"A good leader should make an effort to posses not only perseverance and compassion, but also ambition and character. The world often has a way to make one question their moral judgement or true self respectable qualities. However someone who posses ambition and character will be able to assert themselves in any situation needed and stand up for what is right. A leader is someone who is able to persuade good into others by doing so themselves."

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • Treasurer (2022-2023), Vice President (Current)

  • Hosting local chapter community blood drives, International Leadership Conference, State Leadership Conference, Fall Leadership Conference, local chapter fundraisers and events.

  • 2023 SLC, 2023 ILC

  • Parliamentary Procedure

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • Bulldog Best Award, Principles Choice Award, All A's Honor Roll Award, Student Leadership Organization, Future Business Leaders of America Chapter Vice President, Fellowship of Christian Athlete Leader, Quiz Bowl, Bowling

  • Community

    • Serving meals at Bethlehem House, Volunteering at Church Sunday school classes, Angel tree, food drives, coat drive for veterans home

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I believe that to be a true leader in todays society it takes more than just a fancy title or position held in a state office. When we began evaluating what it is that makes others feel respected and heard within a community such as HOSA, we can see that it often comes back to the leadership they are surrounded by. Although I intend to pursue a career in the medical field, HOSA has always been a second home to me. I want to share my experiences with students all over Arkansas to help them understand that they are seen and heard. I truly believe that when we make our common goals in healthcare heard and understood we are set for a promising future before us. Therefore, if you choose to have me as your state officer, then I will devote all of my time and efforts into ensuring that every individual member has a greater chance at success as we walk alongside each other in the pursuit of a better and healthier tomorrow.

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