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Officer Candidate Profile

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Halle Malone

Fayetteville High School

Grade: 11

Number of Years in HOSA: 3

A good leader should have the ability to communicate (speaking and listening), be creative, adapt, and motivate those around them. An exceptional leader should have all of those abilities and be empathetic, have integrity, and be willing to learn from others. A good leader can conduct others while an exceptional one can conduct others AND build trust with them.


The saying 'communication is key' is more than true. In order to get your point across and guide those around you to success, you cannot hide in the shadows. You must direct through your words, not just your actions and body language. For example, if I were to simply point in a hallway with multiple doors without any further instruction, you would be confused. On the contrary, if I were to point in the same hallway and explain which door to go into, you would understand. Same goes for any other form of instruction. You must explain and act as well as listen and receive.

Being creative and able to adapt goes hand in hand. The more creative you are, the better chances you have in solving and adapting to presented problems. In order to do this, though, you have to motivate others to assist you in solving said problem. Leadership is collaborative. Although you have the role or title of a leader, you cannot do everything on your own (like how there are multiple people in a surgery).


There is a clear difference between being good and exceptional, especially in leadership. As said previously, the difference between being a good leader and an exceptional leader is the ability to conduct others AND build trust with them. Being able to have integrity is important in being trustworthy because you're doing the right thing always. The truth always comes out, you must act appropriately even when nobody is watching. Being empathetic with others builds trust even more because it allows mutual understanding. If a member of your team makes a mistake and you treat them with compassion, they will do the same for you if you make a mistake as a leader. Likewise, if you listen and learn from those around you, they will listen and learn from you.


Being an exceptional leader is a goal I'm making great strides towards. I desire to be more than a good leader and have the ability to empathize, learn, and do the right thing always while also being able to communicate effectively, adapt, demonstrate creativity, and motivate those around me.

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • Historian

  • Research over congenital diseases and genetics, promotion of HOSA at Junior Highs (introduced them to CPR/First Aid), ran flu clinic and blood clinic at school through HOSA, ran BMI screenings

  • 2023 SLC

  • Medical Terminology

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • FHS Ambassadors (school service learning class) (2023-2024), Stage manager (2023, 2024), National Honors Society (2023, 2024), HOSA officer assistant (2022, 2023), Homecoming Maid (voted by top school service stats) (2021), Tutoring English language learner students in math (2023, 2024)

  • Community

    • Animal Shelter volunteer work (2024), Habitat for Humanity volunteer work (2023), prepared Ramay Junior High for school (moving in furniture, helping teachers, etc.) (2022, 2023), Refereeing junior high volleyball games (2022, 2023)

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I would like to be an Arkansas State HOSA Officer because I want to advance medicine, and to do that, you have to advance the opportunities high school students have before they even begin college. HOSA is an excellent program, but like anything, there's always room for improvement. I would like for HOSA to have further outreach. Considering HOSA is about leadership and serving, we could partner with clinics and hospitals for volunteer programs. Even further, we could provide an outreach course for elementary students teaching them proper hand washing and basic care so teachers could focus on basic education. Similarly, we could make a handwashing video to send out to Children's Hospitals that is entertaining to kids for them to learn handwashing routines. As someone who spent time growing up the hospital, I learned how to take my medicine more than how to remain hygienic (because the nurses did it for me). I desire to help those in need and progress medicine; my own and those around me. I want the kids in hospitals to have the same opportunities as me by progressing their education early. Additionally, I wish to create a sense of community in HOSA. Oftentimes competitors feel opposed for each other, when the fact of the matter is we all want the same things. I feel like including more school-crossover collaborative activities at SLC would make HOSA more than an educational agency. Overall, I am committed to making HOSA bigger and better than ever before if I am elected as a state officer of Arkansas. I believe HOSA is fantastic for students an educators, but there could be so many more opportunities if we furthered our outreach, therefore why I would like to implement my ideas and be an Arkansas State HOSA officer. 

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