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Officer Candidate Profile

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Luke Jose

Cabot High School

Grade: 11

Number of Years in HOSA: 2

Some qualities I believe a good leader must possess are integrity, resilience, and compassion. A good leader must possess integrity because a person with integrity is somebody who does the right thing at all times. If you have integrity, you are a trustworthy person and you make the right decision at all moments. Integrity is necessary for a good leader because leaders with integrity will always stick to their values. A good leader must also possess resilience. A resilient leader doesn't back down at the first sign of trouble, they push through all trials with confidence. Resilience is a quality that makes somebody unstoppable. No matter what comes at them they don't back down. The final quality a good leader must possess is compassion. A good leader must possess compassion because in their decision making and leading they will have others on their mind. A good leader with compassion will always make the decisions that benefit everyone as a whole. A leader who leads without compassion is no better than a dictator. Integrity. Resilience. Compassion. These and more are qualities that a good leader must possess.

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • Reporter(22-23), Historian(23-24)

  • Fall leadership conference (November 2022/23), 2022 and 2023 SLC

  • HOSA bowl, 2023. Sports Medicine, 2024

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • 2022-2023: HOSA bake sell, christmas family donation, sportmed tailgate, HOSA book sell. 2023-2024: sportsmed tailgate, athletic trainer aid (football), powderpuff tournament, strawberry fundraiser.


    • (all the following are mostly church related events) 2022: Monticello mission trip, Vacation bible school leader, Arlington mission trip. 2023: Vacation Bible school leader, Monticello mission trip, Super Summer leader, Arlington mission trip, England mission trip, Athletic trainer student aid (football).

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I want to be a HOSA state officer because I want to make an impact, I want to see others and myself grow, it is a great opportunity to meet new people that have the same goals as me, and . First, I want to make an impact. Being in the State Officer position would put me in a place that can impact the the entire HOSA community. I want the opportunity to inspire others to go learn more, to go innovate medical practices, to go and help more people. The State officer position gives me the tools to help the most people as possible. Second, I want to see others and myself grow. Seeing people learn new things, and new ways to do things brings me great joy. Being on the State officer team would mean I get to help people learn more and give me the opportunity to learn more. The State officer team gives me an environment where the other members want to grow in both knowledge, and understanding. Finally, it is an amazing opportunity to meet new people that have the same goals as me. On my schools HOSA chapter officer team, I have already made many new friends and met people that care about the same things. Imagine the amount of people with a like mind I could meet as a State officer. This is a unique opportunity that I cant find anywhere else. There is no organization that gets people of like minds together like HOSA does. HOSA allows me make connections that will last my entire life. In conclusion, I want to be a HOSA state officer because of the impact I can make, the ability to see others and myself learn, and the opportunities to make life-long connections.

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