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Officer Candidate Profile

Ethana Hang.JPEG

Ethana Hang

Har-Ber High School 

Grade: 11

Number of Years in HOSA: 2

There are several indisputable qualities of a good leader: integrity, responsibility, cooperation, and the list goes on. To me, a combination of four traits will fruit a successful leader who fosters a community that is a reflection of cooperative dedication and resilience. Those four qualities being tenacity, humility, flexibility, and most importantly passion. Tenacity describes persistence and determination. A good leader must inherit a strong work ethic. A driven leader will not only continually strive for the betterment of him/herself but also act out of the betterment of his/hers community. I believe tenacity is a progressive trait to possess especially for HOSA. The medical field is driven by innovation; a leader with tenacity will work relentlessly to serve others and inspire curiosity. Humility to me is also essential because a great leader will strive others selflessly, without need for praise or glory. A distinguished leader’s humility inspires a community of kindness. Humility allows oneself to be self-aware and an eager learner. The ability to admit to one's mistakes allows self-growth as well as communal growth. In my opinion, a flexible leader is able to adapt to the dynamic structure of his/hers diverse community. Being able to adapt different perspectives stimulates confidence in the actions of the members. Being flexible also allows a leader to delegate conflicts in their community and therefore foster cooperation. Finally, the most important trait for a leader to possess is passion. A leader driven by their passion to serve others, educate, and learn will naturally act from sincere intentions. They will lead authentically with integrity. Based on experience, passionate leaders have the most fun serving others, are continually seeking ways to express their passion, and inspiring others to channel their passions. With passion, all other aspects of a successful leader will fall into place such as responsibility, accountability, and commitment. 

Video Submission:
Introduction and why you think you would be a good fit for the HOSA State Officer Team. 

HOSA Officer Experience, Activities, and Conferences

  • Har-Ber Hosa CO- President (2023-2024) Har-Ber High School Board Member (2022-2023) 

  • Fall 2023 Blood Drive (09/29/2023), CBCO Leadership  (09/15/2023) Baking cookies service for Blood Drive (09/26/23) Macbook Raffle for Fundraising (10/09/2023- 12/01/23) HOSA WEEK!! - Canned goods, panel discussion and future volunteer opportunities, Decorating Arkansas Children's parking lot with chalk, making and delivering cards to nursing homes.  (11/11-11/15/23) Arkansas Children's volunteering presentation (11/09/22) Marine Corp Toys for ToTS (12/06/22) Coat, toy, gift card drive for Archer (12/09/22) 2023 HOSA SLC (03/07-8/2023) Selling First Aid Kits for HOSA Fundraiser, Springdale Municpal Air port fly in and Open House (03/17/2023) 2022 Fall Blood Drive (10/05/22) 2023 Spring Blood Drive (04/21/2023) 

  • 2023 SLC

  • CPR/First Aid

School and Community Leadership Experiences and Honors

  • School

    • Har-Ber Hosa President (2023-2024),  Har-Ber HOSA Board Member (2022-2023),AP Scholar,(2023-2024) Principal Honor Roll(years: 2021-2024), Member of International Youth Neuroscience Association (2023-2024) , Arkansas Seal of Biliteracy (English and Vietnamese) (2022-2023), Arkansas Seal of Biliteracy (English and Spanish)(2022-2023), Student Council, (2023-2024) National Honor Society, (2021-2024) National Spanish Honor Society (2023-2024) Har-Ber High School Varsity Tennis Team (2022-2024), Springdale Chamber of Commerce Junior Leadership Council, (2021-2022) Student Voice (2021-2022) 

  • Community

    • Northwest Medical Center (2021-2022/2023)- 117 Junior Volunteer Hours, Mercy Volunteen Program, (2023-2024) 58 Hours, Job shadowing Included: Neurosurgery clinic, interventional Radiology, ICU, Cardiac Care Unit. Wyman Teen Outreach Program (2021-2022), Vold Vision Ophthalmology Job Shadowing (2023-2024)  

Why do you want to be a HOSA State Officer?

I want to be a state officer for HOSA because HOSA for me these past two years has fostered a community of medically inspired individuals like myself and has provided an outlet for me to be confident in my goals in neuroscience. I want to use my experience in job shadowing, hospital volunteer work, as well as extracurricular leadership to inspire others to not be fearful of the rigor of the medical field, rather be motivated for a lifetime of serving and healing others. The extensive education involved with medicine can be incredibly overwhelming, however, kindly serving others is immensely rewarding. The beauty of HOSA is that this organization provides opportunities across the broad healthcare spectrum. I want to exemplify the idea that intelligence and discovery are a beautiful journey, and inspire members to be inquisitive and challenge themselves to their fullest potentials in medicine. One of my extensive passions is neurological research with an emphasis on stroke awareness as well as mental health. I hope I can use HOSA as an avenue to enhance my passion and encourage HOSA’s diverse members, with their specialized perspectives on healthcare, to be eager learners, servant leaders, and provide vulnerable and authentic service to their communities. I am also passionate about equal gender and ethnic representation in healthcare professions and health equity. I want to emphasize that every single HOSA member’s voice is important and heard. The far-reaching scope of HOSA’s members contributes to its uniqueness. As a Vietnamese American woman, I aspire to one day provide accessible healthcare to unprivileged communities and underdeveloped countries. HOSA has provided me with endless opportunities, friendships, and memories, all of which I am forever grateful for. Above all, I want to serve others the way HOSA has served me. 

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